15 Completely Bizarre Pregnancy Facts You Didn’t Know!

1. Three times as many women give birth via Cesarean Section now versus 10 years ago.

Since 1996, doctors and obstetricians have begun to see a rise in the number of women who give birth via cesarean section rather than a natural vaginal birth. [wp_ad_camp_2]Although the optimal rate of cesarean section for the health of mothers and babies is around 10%, or one in ten pregnancies. However, the recent skyrocket in surgical deliveries has driven the rate up and today nearly one in three babies born in the U.S. is delivered with a cesarean section.

Doctors have tried to trace the cause of this gradually climbing rate, targeting everything from mother request to the changing demographic of pregnant mothers. However, the most likely cause is a gradual shift in obstetrics and midwifery that makes doctors more willing to pursue the surgical option in more situations.

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