12 Toddler Milestones That Make You The Crazy Mom You Never Though You’d Be!

Before we were moms, we all thought that we knew what we were going to be like. Certainly we would not resort to babble and baby talk or cheers over simple steps and milestones that every child makes. Then we become moms and one day we wake up and realize that we have become those annoying moms that we used to make fun of. We have become the epitome of what we did not want to become.

1. Your Toddler’s First Step

Of course your child taking his or her first step is an amazing moment, one that you should attempt to capture as a photograph or video. [wp_ad_camp_2]However just because your little one is taking a first step does not mean that the world is pausing for you to savor the moment. In fact the world is going on around you. I know, I too have been there, but this is something that you have to learn is a natural milestone for every single child…not just yours. While it is a moment that is exciting for you, there is a good chance that all of your mom friends and all of your non-mom friends are not quite going to be as excited about this one as you are.

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